Arun Iyengar

Software Engineer / Computer Scientist / Consultant

Photo of Arun Iyengar Photo of Arun Iyengar

Arun Iyengar has extensive experience as a software engineer, computer scientist, and consultant. His areas of expertise include data management and analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, distributed and parallel computing, fault tolerance and high availability, and financial computing. Arun is currently working for Cisco Research. In the past, he has worked at both IBM's T.J Watson Research Center and Hewlett-Packard and consulted for several other companies.

Arun's work has been incorporated into products and services by many companies as well as commonly used open source software. His caching and load balancing techniques are widely used to improve performance for Web sites and distributed applications. He has also developed widely used techniques for dynamically generating Web content which have been incorporated into Web content management systems as well as a widely used method for preserving state on the Web without using cookies.

He has written software for improving the performance, functionality, and usability of cloud services. Arun's techniques for dynamic memory allocation and pricing are widely used in serverless (cloud) computing. He has also developed machine learning software for real data prediction problems faced by customers.

More recently, he has been developing algorithms and software for investing in financial securities including stocks, bonds, commodities, and stock market volatility futures. His investment approach takes into account different types of securities and changing financial and macroeconomic conditions to make optimal investment choices based on the investor’s risk tolerance level.

Arun is an IEEE Fellow, a Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA), has published 10 award-winning research papers (see Selected Publications and/or Technical Work), and has received the IFIP Silver Core Award.